Arden Young is a main character of Miss 2059. She was supposed to be the competitor for the Galactic Protectorate, but her sister was mistakenly sent in her place. Arden is officially Earth's Ambassador. She is played by Nikki Soohoo.

History Edit

Not much is known about Arden's early life yet, but she has trained for the Galactic Protectorate for a long time. Before the competition, Arden was suited up with armour and a blade. She soon after ran into her sister, who came to see her off.

Victoria and Arden argued, and it was revealed that Arden has not included her sister on those who would be sending her off. Victoria decided to watch from the control room while Arden was sent off. However, it was Victoria that was sent mistakenly.

Personality Edit

Arden was shown to be quite harsh towards her sister and annoyed with Victoria's naivety. She appears more cynical and jaded than her sister. Despite this, Arden is brave because she was planning on competing in the Galactic Protectorate.

Trivia Edit

  • Arden was given a blade to bring with her to the Galactic Protectorate, but it is unknown if she is able to wield it.