Episode One

Anna Akana as Victoria Young / Miss Earth in Season 1, Episode 1 "Miss Earth"



Episode Title Date Synopsis


Miss Earth 21 Jun. 2016 Welcome to the year 2059: The human race is in peril. Arden, a fierce warrior, has been training to defend the planet in a battle royale tournament. Unfortunately, her beauty queen sister, Victoria, is sent to do the job.
2 Beauty vs. The Beast 21 Jun. 2016 Let the tournament begin. Victoria, the reigning Miss Earth winner, battles to the death against a terrifying ogre, and she'll need her beauty pageant talents to survive.
3 Friend Requests 27 Jun. 2016 To survive the tournament, Victoria must make allies. Unfortunately, the tournament spaceship, populated by violent creatures and creepy critters, is no place for a pageant queen.
4 Training Day 4 July. 2016 As reigning Miss Earth, Victoria is more equipped to win a talent competition than defend her planet in a tournament to the death. Enter Arden, her tenacious sister, to prepare her for battle.
5 Fan Vote 11 July. 2016 Victoria has an epiphany: To win the tournament and save Earth, she must treat the competition like a reality show. And may the best planet win.
6 The Voice 18 July. 2016 Victoria sets out to discover the source of the mysterious voice which has been guiding her through the tournament.
7 Survivor 25 July. 2016 Victoria and her nemesis, Tri, trek through the desert on a quest to reach the beacon. Will they join forces to battle the Vortix or ultimately destroy each other?
8 Girls Night Out 2 Aug. 2016 Who likes to party? Victoria and her allies hit up a club to blow off some steam. But their night out turns dangerous when the Vortix shows up on the dance floor.
9 Elimination Round 9 Aug. 2016 Victoria, Tiggle, Tri and Endar are pitted against one another in a terrifying, blood-splattered maze. Behind every corner lurks horror and certain death. Who will survive?
10 Let's Make a Deal 16 Aug. 2016 Victoria sneaks out of her bunk late at night on a mission to uncover the truth about the Merge. Meanwhile, Arden strikes a deal with the enemy to save her sister.
11 The Galaxy is Yours 23 Aug. 2016 Offered a chance to survive and save her planet, Victoria must play a cat and mouse game with her captor to escape.
12 My Sister's Shadow 30 Aug. 2016 Arden takes her sister's place in the arena to face off against Tri in the tournament finale. Victoria has a plan to save Earth.